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Meet Kanka the Dinosaur

by: Aaron Huggett on

Say Hi to Kanka the Dinosaur. Well, Kanka is a Pelycosaur to be exact and they were one of the first dominant land dwellers of the Permian Period and remained so for about 40 million years!! They were also among the first group of Dinosaurs to actually run, rather than crawl or swim and they were a primitive form of Synapsids, who eventually evolved into mammals like us! How about that??

Meet Kanka the Dinosaur | Office Brands


Kanka thinks that these cool facts sets him apart from the rest of the Dinosaurs in the Apli Kids Fun Dough Dino Display Set (product 14280), but we'll let you be the judge. There are six different fun and colourful Dinosaurs to create, together with step-by-step instructions for Children aged 5 and over. Best of all for Mums and Dads, there's no staining, no mess and they air dry in less than 48 that's evolution!

Meet Kanka the Dinosaur | Office Brands


Apli Kids Fun Dough Dinos Set can be found in our Gifts & Accessories page and our Arts & Crafts pages.