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How to build an Easy Office Cupboard in Minutes

by: Office Brands on

Flat packed furniture nightmares...we've all had them! Staring blankly at scribbled nonsensical instructions, muttering cursed words, desperately looking around to see if we've lost a dowel pin or two. Scrambling around in every drawer and toolbox to find that one Screwdriver we don't have. Frustratingly forcing parts that little bit too much, determined that it won't be US that snaps first. Finally, through sweat and downright stubborn perseverance ("WE WILL Finish It!") we're done. Wait....where did the all that time go? For Easy Office, things are different. For their rang more

Meet Kanka the Dinosaur

by: Office Brands on

Say Hi to Kanka the Dinosaur. Well, Kanka is a Pelycosaur to be exact and they were one of the first dominant land dwellers of the Permian Period and remained so for about 40 million years!! They were also among the first group of Dinosaurs to actually run, rather than crawl or swim and they were a primitive form of Synapsids, who eventually evolved into mammals like us! How about that?? Kanka thinks that these cool facts sets him apart from the rest of the Dinosaurs in the Apli Kids Fun Dough Dino Display Set (product 14280 ( more

The Journey of a Van Moose Notebook

by: Office Brands on

One humble Plastic Bottle is where the journey begins. Just the one (and preferably empty) bottle, because one is all Van Moose need. We don't often think of what happens to our recycling, but Van Moose do! They take the bottle, crush it into tiny granules, weave these granules into fibres, mix those fibres with dye which is then laid into ready-to-cut rolls and Hey Presto....enough high-grade Eco-Felt to cover a handy A6 notebook. With Eco-Felt there's nothing wasted, nothing harmful, everything recycled and recyclable with minimal impact on the environment - and while it i more